Improving your e-portfolio search engine ranking

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When you type your name into Google what comes up? In today’s technology focused world, we all do it. We Google our name, our friends, people we just met, our boss and many other people.  How will this affect students? The answer is simple, your employers. It takes someone less then five seconds to type your name in a search engine and what shows up could be the difference between landing your dream job or having to look for elsewhere.  So how do you improve your search engine ranking? It’s not as hard as it sounds, in fact, by utilizing all of the tools established below, your search engine ranking will most definitely improve.


Your title is one of the most important factors to improve your search engine ranking. Specifically in the case of the e-portfolio, your title is your personal name in which your future employer is searching for. That title is what will be recognized by the search engine so you want to use it in your document as many times as necessary, however, not so much that your page unreadable.


Not all search engines pick up on site descriptions as much as they used to but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind as an optimization tool. Having a good description of your e-portfolio site means that you should not only talk about yourself and your background but also to include your title multiple times and have some information in bold text. Bold text is more weighted then regular text and might have a better chance of showing up in search engines. Remember not to overuse your title or the bold text, otherwise it won’t stand out as much as it could in the search engine.


The more content the better when it comes to your e-portfolio. On average you can get 3-5 keyword phrases per page that can show up in the search engine. Adding things such as your resume, any past projects you’ve done in school, YouTube videos, print ads, papers, and blogs can be valuable content that will offer you a better search engine ranking. It will  also give potential employers a look at your skill sets, the type of worker you are and a better general understanding of the kind of person you are. Making any of this work shareable gives you more opportunity for a higher ranking. Now people can access your work, use it, and add the appropriate tags and referencing information to their site. In addition, you can continue to use the relevant keywords in your content that you might have used in your description in bold text.


Having a blog is a huge advantage and an effective networking tool. It is a great way to increase your search engine ranking. With a blog you not only get to give potential employers a better insight to who you are, but you also can add tags that will show up in searches. Another huge advantage, besides having your own blog, is to also comment on other internet blogging communities. When you comment on another blog you are asked to leave your website or blog address. By doing this you are advertising your own blog, website and e-portfolio which should hopefully attract more viewers to your page.


Having links is beneficial as long as they are well linked sites that do not have spam. These sites usually do better in search engines. Make sure your links actually connect, and you don’t have any that are broken or dangling.  You could link your e-portfolio to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This is an excellent way to attract awareness to you and your e-portfolio.

Essentially the more work and detail you put into your e-portfolio, the better your search engine ranking will be, creating a better chance at securing those future jobs. By adding some of the suggestions mentioned above, your not just getting your name out there in a virtual world that already contains billions of names, you are getting yourself and your name recognized. The higher the search engine ranking, the better opportunities you will have.


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Megan Dhimma-

Meghan is a BCIT student taking Marketing Management and is a member of SIFE. She majored in Spanish and she wants to work for the Olympics one day.

Dave Graham-

David Graham is a Graphic Designer from Nanaimo, B.C. He is currently enrolled in Marketing Management at BCIT and hopes to rule the design world someday.

Robin MacLaughlan-

Robin is a Marketing Management student at BCIT; he likes the outdoors and staying active. He plans on becoming an accomplished entrepreneur after graduation.

Amanda Motion-

Amanda is currently a student in the Marketing Management (Tourism) program at BCIT. She is a part of the Marketing Association at BCIT and takes an interest in fashion.

Ryan Mullins-

Currently in (Marketing Management) Real Estate at BCIT, Ryan is destined to be a power player in the industry one day.

Riley Washington-

Riley Washington is a recent high school graduate that is currently attending BCIT where she hopes to obtain her degree in Marketing Management. She also takes interest in fashion design, sports, drawing and music. She hopes to use her skills to have a successful career in sales.


About teamastro

We are a marketing team from BCIT.
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